~ Bringing together world-changing open technologies and ideas ~
Gathering together users and providers of advanced ICT technologies!
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December 3-6, 2018

​Okinawa Jichikaikan

What "OOD" Is All About

The trend toward core ICT technologies that are open and software-based has affected service users, providers, and operators in every area on the basis of actual use cases.


The fusion of SDN/NFV technology and cloud computing, which are advanced core technologies in the field of ICT, are undergoing steady advancement and expansion, and the pace at which solutions and products are being offered is accelerating due to the attention they are gaining from their utilization by actual businesses. With these technologies, companies considering the adoption of a digital transformation can analyze existing business processes and rules in order to create innovative business processes and rules that incorporate, for example, the DevOps approach. In such an attempt of applying technologies to full effectiveness, this technological merger can be expected to further advance as the foundation of all innovation.

​Additionally, in an increasing number of instances, technological innovation based on open-source software has demonstrated superiority over the efforts of individual corporations when it comes to technical details, personnel training, speed, cost, and other factors, through cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between interested parties in the developers’ community. A typical example would be the emergence of de facto standards such as OpenStack, OPNFV and the formation of technological ecosystems.


Furthermore, with regard to the applicable scope of core ICT technologies, actual usage examples involving collaboration between different industries such as IoT, data utilization, etc. have begun to appear, and in terms of access methods the move toward actual adoption of
core ICT technologies has steadily advanced through efforts such as establishment of 5G test environments, with participating industries experiencing even further growth.

In anticipation of these trends, Okinawa Open Laboratory was established in 2013 — a globally unique R&D institute based on the concepts of combining SDN/NFV technologies with cloud computing, conducting concrete implementations (use cases), and open source. During the six years of this institute’s history, we have conducted core technology research, developed and operated test-beds, hosted forums, trained human resources, held international conferences and international exchanges, and researched use cases and markets. Furthermore, we have striven to become more unique and have contributed to the practical application and popularization of advanced core ICT technologies. Starting in 2013, we have been hosting Okinawa Open Days as an independent international event as an opportunity to showcase these efforts. The total number of participants at the 2017 event last year exceeded 1,000 people. Thanks to you, this Okinawa-organized ICT event has grown to enormous size.


​Okinawa Open Days has established “bringing together world-changing open technologies and ideas” as its key concept. As a more open international event, it has provided a forum for presentations and discussions among participants gathered together from various backgrounds — technical development and business, users and providers/operators, top engineers and students, Japanese and international (especially from Asia), and so on. 

Yukio Ito, Chairman
Okinawa Open Laboratory






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Participantion Fee


Okinawa Open Days 2018(OOD2018)

December 3rd(Mon.) ~6th(Thu.) 2018

Okinawa Jichikaikan

Okinawa Open Laboratory

1,051 participants (Result in 2017)

Free of charge (Prior Registration Required)
Registration will open around late October 2018 (tentative)

December 6th(Thu.) 2018
(Prior Registration Required/the participation fee 5,000 JPY)
Venue: Naha city


ICT・OpenStack・OPNFV・Big Data・IoT・5G・CivicTech and more.

2. Developed in Okinawa! Innovation in various industries
using ICT technology goes into high gear!
​ Cross-cutting efforts using ICT technologies and involving various companies that have never previously partnered together, are now underway. In particular, concrete efforts to utilize transportation data in Okinawa have begun, and these efforts will be presented, along with comments on future prospects and more.
1. How usable are advanced ICT technologies (IoT, AI, 5G, etc.)?
—Various Examples from Okinawa and Elsewhere—
​ Presenters from telecommunication companies and user companies that are at the forefront of actual adoption of advanced ICT technologies whose usage is advancing quickly, such as IoT, AI, and 5G, introduce and explain the latest trends.
3. Efforts in advanced ICT in the Asian region have intensified!
​ Okinawa Open Laboratory is actively partnering on advanced ICT technologies overseas, with a focus on Taiwan and Malaysia. We have invited Japanese and global leaders who are pushing the envelope overseas to show how to get involved in the latest trends and industries from an international perspective.
4. Reports on the Results of Okinawa Open Laboratory’s Activities
​ Okinawa Open Laboratory has increased further its efforts toward R&D on SDN and cloud computing and expanded its R&D activities into such technological fields as IoT, data, and 5G. Additionally, it is actively engaged in use case research and human resource training, and the results of these activities will be reported.





Program Contest

Daily Schedule on site

  Dec. 3rd Hands-on, Panel Discussion
  Dec. 4th Program Competition, OpsMeetup, BoF
  Dec. 5th Special Session, Forum,International exchange meeting,
                 Exhibition, Sponsorship Session
  Dec. 6th Special Session, Exhibition, Banquet

~ Bringing together world-changing open technologies and ideas ~
Gathering together users and providers of advanced ICT technologies!
DX - Create new values and affluent human life from Okinawa.

We’re excited to present the selected talks and sessions for Okinawa Open Days 2018!